Preparing for your shoot

So are thinking about booking your shoot. Where do you start?

The first question is to ask yourself what style of shoot are you looking to create?

Do you want a typical glamour shoot or something more fashion-based, hippy chic / boho shoot, artistic nude or boudoir, indoors or outdoors, a fantasy or cosplay-themed shoot, or a fetish type shoot?

Take a look at other models on Insta, Pinterest, modelling directories for inspiration.

Once you have decided what photos you want you can then look at outfit or clothing ideas.

Choosing your outfits

Have a clear plan of what you like to wear. I recommend you bring at least 5 outfits. Some ideas dresses, sexy lingerie matching set with at least 2 pairs of stockings, maybe fantasy outfit, PVC/ Latex or men’s shirt or jeans and corset, gym wear etc. Choose colours that suit your skin tone and vibrant colours always stand out more in a shoot, classic colours such as black and red are a firm favourite as well.

I’d recommend bringing outfits that are brand new, and cut the labels and tags off them. Always order outfits well in advance of shoot and try them on before shooting making sure they fit, and you feel comfortable/ sexy posing in them.

Bring a few pairs of shoes or boots or other footwear such as trainers. For example, if doing gym outfit.

Accessories you may want to consider are jewellery or costume jewellery for example if doing a classy corset pose maybe pearl necklace or lingerie gloves. Or nice earrings and bracelet with a dress.

Practice posing

Once your outfits arrived try them on and make sure they fit, and you feel comfortable and sexy in them. Then practice posing in them in front of the mirror. Get a feel for how your body look in the shoot. If showing your face practice some facial expressions, smiling, cheeky smile, playful, sensual, and even dominant if shooting fetish style.

Also search online for some photography poses you like look of and speak with photographer about these poses you like to shoot.

Trip to the hairdresser

Schedule your hairdresser appointment 1 week before you shoot to ensure you have time to find get an appointment. Refresh your colour and trim split ends.

Style your hair on the day with straighteners or curling tongs (if not booking a hair and make – up artist) before the shoot or some models choose to wear a hair piece, wig, or clip in extensions. Always bring hair straighteners or tongs to the shoot with you to touch up any frizz or curls.

Make- Up

Some models prefer to hire a professional make – up artist. If you prefer to do your own make-up, make sure it’s too a high standard and decide what level courage you are having for example natural look or heavy glam look. Do you want to wear fake eye lashes or have some done at the beauty salon?

Tanning Tips

You may want a tan, some models happy without. If you do plan getting a tan, make sure you use sun beds or professional spray. Fake tan leaves streaky lines and may be impossible to retouch. Sunburn can also be impossible to retouch.

It’s important to start early whether you want to tan naturally or using a tanning bed. Avoid rushing your tan. For those with paler skin tones, tanning may need to begin more than a week before the photo shoot. Additionally, if you intend to wear tanks or strapless styles, keep in mind that tan lines can be an issue.

Sunburns do not look good in photos; tans do. Don’t get a tan that is too deep either. In fact, it will make your face appear fuller and have a more dull appearance. .

Get a Spray Tan

You should schedule a professional spray tan a few days ahead of the shoot to give your tan enough time to properly develop and for any discoloured spots to smooth out. Make sure the natural shade you choose is slightly darker than your skin tone.

Get Waxed

Get your brows waxed/ threaded two to three days before the photoshoot to ensure that any redness has faded because we know you want those brows to look flawless. Same if you choose to wax other parts of body. You want to allow 2 to 3 days for the redness to fade.


Take your time! We all know how easy it is to cut yourself. Preferrable shave the night before so no redness or shaving rashes and use a moisturiser/ shaving balm afterwards.

Get a Manicure

Schedule your manicure/pedicure a few days before your shoot.

If you’re doing your nails at home, use a good quality nail polish on nails and toes that doesn’t chip.  And use a pummel stone / nail file in bath get those feet perfect for barefoot shoots!

Drink water & avoid alcohol

Avoid any nights on town a few days before. Don’t turn up shoot with a hang over and avoid alcohol a few days before as alcohol makes the skin look dull and tired.

Drink plenty of water day before shoot and make sure to get a full night’s rest. A good night’s sleep and plenty of water will make your skin look fresh and glowing.